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Use your mouse to navigate the menus. Player 1 uses arrow keys to move, player 2 uses WASD to move.

Alien Transporter

Alien Transporter it's now updated on BrightestGames!
Join the fun classic and logic game Alien Transporter, an online arcade game you can play for free here at Play the latest armor games online for free here on In Alien Transporter, you must transport passengers from one place to another with your rocket-powered ship. You will fly inside caverns filled with missile traps, falling rocks, and exploding barrels! Refuel your ship and collect coins along the way, all while keeping your ship intact. You can also play with a friend. Good luck!

What is the Alien Transporter game about?
The true space battles on Alien Transporter begin here. Your biorobot is decked out in heavy armor and armed to the teeth with a gun; you're surrounded by zombies and other mechanical and organic enemies that will stop at nothing to eliminate you. You must complete ten stages before facing up against the final boss. However, you'll have to do more than just earn your pay to get it. For example, you could have to kill a particular number of zombies, gather a certain number of coins, or beat the level within a given amount of time. Completing them will get you the most points possible, allowing you to purchase better weaponry more quickly. 

Tips in Alien Transporter?
You'll be able to purchase it from terminals, but you'll only be able to find them once or twice every level, so stock up before you need it. Keep an eye out for treasure boxes along the way; they often contain useful items like health kits, extra ammunition, and currency. The mechanical creatures are the toughest to take down, so ensure you have a powerful weapon. As soon as you see a red barrel, walk away and undermine it while gathering as many zombies as you can around it.

Use your mouse to navigate the menus.
Player 1 uses arrow keys to move,
Player 2 uses WASD to move.

Updated On   11.11.2022

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