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Bird Of Prey

Here is Bird of Prey Simulator online game, you can play it free now unblocked on BrightestGames!
In this free bird flying game called "Bird of Prey Simulator game" is a fun exploration simulation game that features realistic visuals and gives you a glimpse of the world around you from the perspective of a bird of prey! Eagles are among the giant birds of prey, and you will take charge of one of their most influential representatives. This superb hunter possesses extraordinary eyesight, which enables it to spot its prey from a distance of many kilometres. So extend your wings, and get ready to embark on an incredible voyage through the forests of the Northern Hemisphere, flying over snow-capped mountain ranges and more!

What is Bird Of Prey?
In this online bird flying game, you will immerse yourself in a world inhabited by a wide variety of bird species when you play the thrilling new game Bird of Prey. Your character comes from a bloodline of vicious individuals. He gets up early every day and hunts in the wilderness. You are going to assist him in finding his victim. You will notice a particular region on the screen in front of you that has a very challenging relief. Your bird will move forward steadily while gradually picking up pace. You will need to focus very strongly on what is happening on the screen. As soon as several obstacles occur in the path that the bird is flying, you will be required to use the control keys to coerce the bird into doing aerial manoeuvres. As a result, the bird will steer clear of colliding with these obstructions. As soon as you spot the prey, it would help if you launched an attack.

How To Play Bird Of Prey Simulator?
This game has three distinct game modes, and you have to accomplish a set of objectives. In the chase mode, you will have to compete against various birds of prey, including the harpy and the peregrine falcon. Move quickly forward despite the snow and the bitterly cold wind! To come out on top, you must breeze through each checkpoint and be the first to cross the finish line. You can enhance your probability of winning the race by picking up green feathers along the road. These feathers will grant you temporary access to increased speed. In the search mode, you have limited time to locate certain blue feathers as quickly as possible before the game ends. When engaging in airborne manoeuvres, exercise extreme caution to prevent crashing into various obstacles, such as jagged rocks, trees, or deep snow. The third mode provides unrestricted freedom of movement over a vast environment and enables you to perform whatever action you choose. You also can follow checkpoints that will lead you to paths that have not been explored before. Gain bonus points while exploring the open environment and taking in the sights of the northern lights as they dance over the snowy valley. 

Release Date     November 2020
Date added         Chicago Time: 6 August 2022 05:52
Updated on        7 August 2022

The Bird Of Prey Simulator game was developed by Tasty Cherry Studio Games. But you can play the game online for free on

Tags    3D, Animals, Birds, Flying, Simulatorunblocked 66, unblocked 761 Player, WebGLUnblocked.

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The web browser version of the Bird Of Prey Simulator game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Maxthon, Sea Monkey, Avast secure, and Avant Browser.

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

More Information About Bird Of Prey Simulator
Are you a fan of birds? Have you ever wondered how becoming a bid for a day would be? And to have the possibility to fly in the blue sky? Then join the Bird Of Prey, a realistic animal game simulator that teaches how birds fly. The Bird Of Prey game can be played for free online on Along with other fun 3D bird game simulators. Also, the Bird Of Prey Simulator game is developed with WebGL technology, allowing it to work on all browsers. If you enjoyed this online bird game, make sure you try other similar bird games and bird hunting games here on our website!

Make sure you check the tips, Video instructions and Youtube gameplay of Bird Of Prey Simulator on of Prey Simulator Game.

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