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Brave Chicken 3D

Play the online Brave Chicken 3D game unblocked and free on BrightestGames now!
A farm on one of the floating islands is home to a courageous chicken named Mike. Your character eventually chooses to embark on a trip one day. He has a long-standing desire to visit his extended family, some of whom reside on the same farm but a separate island. In the game Brave Chicken, it is up to you to lend a hand to him on his travels. The journey of your hero, guided by your direction, will take place along the route. Along his path, there will be challenges for him to overcome, and he must navigate around them. In addition, there will be setbacks along the path of the hero. Your reputation and leadership will have to soar beyond theirs to succeed. You will be assigned to assist the chicken in gathering objects strewn about its path along the pathway.

What is Brave Chicken game?
This courageous chicken is eager to demonstrate her mettle. The chicken will demonstrate to all of the other animals on the farm that despite being a chicken, she is not "chicken" by enduring untold perils along her ascent of a big mountain, prevailing over foes, and amassing an arsenal of trophies. Assist this courageous chicken in overcoming all the challenges that wait for her! How much more can this chicken be cooked before it turns into fried chicken? On his route there, he will encounter his adversaries. However, your primary objective is to ensure that he is content. Following the successful completion of each level, he will proceed to shower you with a shower of flying kisses. 

Tips And How To Play Brave Chicken 3D?
Maintaining pressure on the forward movement key will allow you to build up sufficient speed for a leap or wall run. Using the cables strung between the two tall buildings, traverse over to the other building and the boxes and obstructions in its path. You can have a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience if the game features realistic 3D graphics and a first-person perspective on the action. It is important to remember that the difficulty level will gradually grow, so work on improving your parkour skills to get better results. Unlock all the achievements and get yourself to the top of the scoreboard!

Release Date       Wednesday, August 2022
Date added           Chicago Time: 14 August 2022 09:10

Type                       Html5 - WebGL
Platform              Web browser and desktop.
Mobile Mode        Yes 
Mobile ready         No
HTTP Ready           Yes
Gender                   Jumping, Cat, Tom, KidsCartoonsMarioArcadeCool Mario, Physics, Thinking, Ability, Skills, WebGL, BoysUnblocked, unblocked 66, unblocked 76.

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Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

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