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Bus Simulator 2021

Play Bus Simulator 2021 free online.
And try this new bus game online on browsers here on, where you learn to become a skilled bus driver. By collecting people from different locations and then transporting them safely to other places through the city. Sounds easy no? Well, it won't be, because you are driving long and tall buses through the crowded city streets. Where people are moving, their cars and traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, and more just like in real life. But what makes this Bus Simulator 2021 different from plenty of bus games for kids you can play online? Well, first to the right while you are playing you have a big minimap, that is pretty realistic showing your location exactly from a satellite. Giving your a fun 3D deep view of the city, and streets, all you need to do is to follow the arrow above the bus while watching the minimap to complete all levels. Also, the bus has a light, and signals, as you take corners, and stop, just like in a real bus sim. When you have parked the bus you can see realistic animation of people who walk and run to get into the bus. And a cool game feature in this fun 3D bus game is that you can horn the bus, and the other vehicles will move from your way. All the levels are done against time, so you must be fast without crashing on any vehicles. Try to respects the other drivers, and don't switch the lanes fast, you can easily crash the bus and then injury the passengers leading to losing the game. After each level and mission completed you will have to drive the bus back to the bus station, and park it on the green parking spots. Based on your skills, time, and if you didn't crash you will receive a star rating that will bring you a lot of points and money. Test all the levels that will bring you hundreds of missions with different places to explore and cool places to park. Test and unblocked different buses type from the shop, when you have enough gold and improve to become the best driver from this bus game online. Also, if you like this game make sure you play other fun 3D bus games like Minibus SimulatorCity Bus Simulator 3D, and City Bus Parking Sim. Have fun!

How to play Bus Simulator 2021?
Use the mouse to navigate through the game interface. Go through the garage and choose the first unblocked bus to be able to start driving through the city. At the start of the game, you already are behind the wheel of your bus. Use the WASD or Arrow keys to drive and balance the bus through the streets while following the yellow arrow to the destinations. When you see the green parking spots try to park the bus exactly on them, so the people can get into the bus, or out of it. To bake the bus use the spacebar button, this will slow down the bus for you to be able to cut curves and stay on the narrow roads. Play and have fun in this game complete all the missions and levels, buy and unblock all the busses from the game and try other fun similar bus games online like Uphill Bus Simulator. Good luck!

Release Date           Wednesday, April 07, 2021
Date added             Chicago Time: 06:35 on 7 April 2021 06:35

Developer                Instant Games Studio
Mobile ready           Not implemented yet.
Mobile Mode           Not implemented yet.
Platform                   PC, and Web browser
HTTP Ready             Yes
Gender                      Parking, Driving, Bus, Cars, Simulator, Trucks.

  • detailed 3D graphics with cool-looking buses, cities, and vehicles.
  • Realistic physics of bus and other vehicles
  • Detailed passengers with realistic walking animations.
  • A fun detailed minimap.
  • 3 detailed busses to test-drive.
  • 10 level filled with many missions.
  • You have light, signal light, horn, and more.
  • Different types of cameras angle to have the best view while driving and parking the bus.
  • Addicting gameplay.

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

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Bus Simulator 2021
Enjoy this bus simulator game free online that provides a realistic driving experience. Bus Simulator 2021 game it's developed with WebGL technology which allows the game to work perfectly in all modern browsers. If you enjoy this bus game unblocked make sure you play other awesome school bus games free from our category of bus games here on


For a better understanding of the game, you can check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube Game-play of the Bus Simulator 2021 game online here on

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