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Empire Vs Rebels

Here you can play Empire Vs Rebels online free on!
And get ready to play Lego Stars Wars games online in the new fun action-packed game Empire Vs Rebels, where you can enjoy a fun inspired game from the Force Awakens movie. Pick up your lightsaber and work with your Jedi warriors and fight against imperial forces around different platforms. Pass the checkpoints from different locations, open closed doors, by unblocking different mechanisms. Use grenades to literately pulverize the walls that will block your path. And jump on moving platforms, and pull certain objects on ground mechanisms to safely pass and reach the destination in each mission. Collect different hidden Lego pieces that have different colors like blue, yellow, green, and red until they are not collect you will not be able to finish the missions from the level you are currently on! So search high, and get down look for spots where they can be hidden and avoid dying because all it takes is one blow from the enemies imperial forces and you lost everything!

How to play in Empire Vs Rebels?
Use the mouse to navigate through the game interface, the Arrow keys are used to move and jump over different platforms and objects. With the Spacebar you will use it to attack with your lightsaber. And when you run into walls that you can not break with your weapons use the grenades by pressing the G key and then move back so the explosion can do its job...and blow off everything ;))
What is the story behind the Empire Vs Rebels game?
Well in the game we can see that a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, Lego Start Wars awaken the force to build. Since then decades have passed since the fallen of the Galactic Empire. Where we can see a new dark power knows as the First Order is rising. Our heroes Jedis with the Resistance forces seek to rebuild the battle-damage galaxy and somehow bring balance to the Force! To succeed in their mission they must find first Luck Skywalker before the First Order does. Here is where you come in, and you must do your best to master your Force powers to rebuild the star map of the galaxy and then try to locate Luke. Go explore the planets, and try to fulfill all the missions the game provides while doing your best to defeat the enemies!

Release Date           February 2015 as a flash and updated to html5 in 2020
Type                         Html5
Developer               Lego
Mobile Mode          No ready yet!
Mobile ready           No ready yet!
Platform                  PC, and Web 
HTTPS Ready          Yes
Categories               Action, Fighting, Multiplayer, Lego, Ability, Platformer.
More Information About Empire Vs Rebels
Enjoy a fun star wars game online and have a blast in those cool missions and obstacles you need to pass here on Empire Vs Rebels it's a fun platform fighting game developed with Html5 technology. This allows the game to work perfectly in all modern browsers. Have fun online and explore other cool similar star wars games pc for all ages like our most played game from the series called Ninja Shakedown. Good luck!
For a better understanding of the game, you can check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube Game-play of Empire Vs Rebels online here on

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