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Golden Ax 3

Golden Ax 3 is unblocked and free on!
What if you like adventure old-school Sega games? Then join the thrill and the action in the so-called ''Golden Ax'' taken by Damud Hellstrike, the Prince of Darkness, who then cursed all of the warriors. However, thanks to a fortunate turn of events, it was possible to free a hero from their curse. Because of this, he is the one who is dispatched to fix the problem and rescue the others from the curse. Defeat the bad guy and bring back the treasure that was stolen. The story of the video game "Golden Ax 3" is straightforward, but the gameplay is very action-packed. You will not have time to become bored because the game is filled with many fights and battles.
How to play Golden Ax 3?
You will move around in the spacious area directly in front of you. Your adversaries will come at you from every angle! Because of this, you should never let your guard down. The main character that you will control wields a massive blade. This weapon only needs a few cuts to put an opponent out of their misery. However, if there are many of them, the most prudent course of action would be to retreat or use your superpower. In addition to that, it keeps count of the available lives. You can restore your health by gathering a variety of items or foods. Do your best to win against everyone standing in your way.
What is the Story in Golden Ax 3?
Several years after the events of Golden Axe II, Gilius Thunderhead makes an effort to restore the Golden Axe to its rightful place among the gods. However, the axe is taken by Damned Hellstrike, a villainous giant, after it was wrecked at sea and found by him. Hellstrike and his minions have completely taken control of the East Land and the Kingdom of Splash Hill. He has imposed a curse on the four most important heroes to maintain his authoritarian rule, allowing him to possess them and exert his will over them.
Tips and Tricks to help you win in Golden Ax 3?
Gilius is too old to fight, so he removes the evil curse from one or two of the heroes (depending on how many are playing) and sends them on their way to conquer Hellstrike. They push from one location to another (the player determines the specific path they take) until they reach the Gate of Fate. There, they engage in combat with Eve, a humanoid gryphon who, after she is defeated, reveals herself to be the king who was previously under the control of Hellstrike. After pleading with the heroes to rescue the princess trapped inside the castle, he is subsequently struck by lightning and killed, most likely by Hellstrike.
Controls in Golden Ax 3?
The heroes launch an assault on the castle, where they are ultimately successful in defeating Hellstrike and freeing the princess. If the player defeats Hellstrike while not on their final continue, Hellstrike will reappear in this area wielding the Golden Axe. If the heroes successfully defeat him once more, the castle will be destroyed. The war is over, peace has been restored to the land, and the heroic athletes' triumph is said to have been immortalised in folklore.  Use the arrow keys to move and balance the heroes to play the game. Use the enter and Z key to navigate and continue through the game interface. Use the S key for a superpower and the X key to strike/action. And last, the Z key to jump.
Release Date     January 1993 and updated on 1995
Developer         Sega Genesis / Mega Drive version.
Designer            Kazuma Fujii Takashi Iizuka
Composer    Naofumi Hataya Tatsuyuki Maeda Haruyo Oguro
Platform            PC, Web browser and Sega.
HTTPS Ready    Yes
Genre                 Cartoon, Skills, Fighting, Abilities, SuperheroUnblocked, Arcade, Old, Pixel, 1 Player, Boys, GAMES, WebGL, Html5War.

About Different releasing Dates and Devices of Golden Ax 3?
- Golden Axe III was released for the Sega Mega Drive in Japan on June 25, 1993. It was also re-released on the Wii Virtual Console in Japan on September 4, 2007, and in PAL regions on October 5, 2007. You can find more information regarding the game development here on Golden Axe Wiki.

More Information About Golden Ax 3
Prepare your hero fighter and join a retro pixel action-packed one player and 2 player game which provides nice old school gameplay here on The Golden Ax 3 game is developed with Sega Mega Drive technology that allows the game to work smooth on browsers. If you like this online game, make sure you try other similar games here on our website!


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