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Idle Arks: Build At Sea

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And prepare yourself to join a cool block-style game of survival that will take you over different seas, above dangerous predators underwater. Where you will start with a small wood raft and build it into the most sophisticated boat to keep you safe from floods and human-eating animals. There are hundreds of building materials that you must gather from above and under the water. Overcome sunny days, storms, dark nights, and plenty more to discover inside the game. Focus on collecting wood, bottles, treasure chest, and other materials that will flote on water. Rescue other people and makes them your crew, while working with them, eating, and sleep together to survive and reach the islands. What is unique in this ark survival style of gameplay is that once you rescue other members you must divide the tasks so each member can work. And build shelter, fishing location, oars to sail the boat, dive, and collect other resources, but the main material is the wood. Grow threes and vegetables, and learn how to keep your crew alive, by letting them sleep and sheltering them when it's raining out and cold. Collect different pets animals, like penguins, dogs, that can help you stay longer alive and increase your productivity percentage. Check the map to see locations, where you can explore, and have fun in this island survival, and don't forget about the pink diamonds that can be used to create ye, open chest and provide you with plenty of resources. Check the shop where you can see there are 12 different types of characters making this one of the best survival games. Also, check the Stall shop where you can watch small ads to earn cool diamonds and jewelry and then invest them into parts for your raft. Each level or stage from this survival games browser allows you to build different buildings and elements like rafts, tree pods, carrots, captain room, oars stone, sails, and plenty more. Knowing the more you play the game the harder it gets but also it will get you addicted, having o to do more and more things, tasks to keep you entertained. Another great feature that this survival a game provides is the acceleration production that speeds up the process of the game, the building is done faster, workers work faster they eat and sleep faster, and so on. This feature is nice when you don't want to spend a lot of time with this game but also like to see what will this survival game bring later on. And when is night time all workers will sleep but there is possible to skip the sleep time and put your crew to work if you see that icon on the top right side of the game interface. This option is sometimes available but others not, just a reminder if you see that skip the sleeping time and get back into the game! Use the mouse to rotate the camera and have a clear look around the sea and watch every element moving, wood, chest, humans, and other items, then just click them and your crews will fetch them for you and get them back to the raft.
How to play Idle Arks: Build At Sea?
Use the mouse to navigate through the game interface. As you will see in this management and survival game, at the beginning of the game, you will only have one character to play with and you are limited with resources. As you play and gather wood and build your raft you level up. The more you level up them you can build and upgrade your raft and transform it into the biggest ship, to help you navigate over the sea. Gather resources and other members to help you with the game and evolve and transforms your raft into the biggest ship, and have fun with this epic block realistic Minecraft style of ark survival game here on!

Release Date    22 July 2021
Date added      Chicago Time: 08:21 on 22 July 2021

Controls in Idle Arks: Build At Sea!
Use the mouse to navigate thou the game interface. and with the left-click point and click to play the game. On a mobile device tap with your finger and drag to play the game.

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

Idle Arks: Build At Sea has been developed by But you can also play the game online for free on

Type                               WebGL-html5
Platform                        PC, and Web browser and also on all mobile devices here:
HTTPS Ready                 Yes
Mobile Ready                Yes
Mobile Mode                 Yes
Genre                              Adventure, Simulator, Boat, Survive, Ability.

  • Beautiful detailed 3D graphics with refined water effects, levels, and rafts.
  • Realistic-looking raft elements, wood, water, and plenty of other items.
  • 100 different materials to build with.
  • Each level provides you with different building materials, buildings that you can achieve, and unblock to use.
  • You need money/diamonds to unblock certain elements.
  • A lot of shops to explore, characters, maps, and other cool things.
  • You can modify the camera angles to have a better view.
  • A map to help with your journey.
  • The game is HTTPS and mobile-ready.
  • Easy and fun to play.

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Idle Arks: Build At Sea
Enjoy a great survival, boat simulator game online that you can play for free in your browser and mobiles here on with no downloads and ads requirements. Idle Arks: Build At Sea it's developed with Html5 technology allowing it to work perfectly on all devices. If you enjoyed this awesome block game of survival online make sure you try other similar ship simulator games like Last Wood. Have a blast online surviving on the sea!
Make sure you check tips Video Instruction and Youtube gameplay of Idle Arks: Build At Sea for free on 

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