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Keeper Of The Grove 2

Keeper Of The Grove 2 the game it one of the most complex and fun monster defense games that you can play on browsers for free on Keeper Of The Grove 2 games's one of our selected strategy and tower defense games classified in our brain and boys category with games offered free on our website. In the game different types of monsters like skeletons, undead, beasts, demons, and other bad villains are up for your magic groves. Use the mouse and your brain to combine the three elements water, nature, and earth.  While building the most powerful towers to defend the gems from the evil invades. As you start from the first levels your towers will be weak and only after completing some levels, you will be able to save some money and upgrade the firepower of the towers. As you see on each map there are only some special places where you can build towers. Each defender can be upgraded, choose the defender type, place it on the building place and click the icon above it. Defenders can be sold for 75% of their cost, so if you are selling many towers and building other types you will lose money. Try from the start to visualize the type of the towers and then build. You can go to the ''Guide'' page and there you can see how many defenders are in the game, and what are their abilities and types. Also there you can see the six available spells that you get randomly at each level, knowing that you can only use the spell just once. The last thing you can see on the guide page is the enemy types, there are 18 different types of enemies, some of them are just simple enemies others have special abilities. For example one of the most powerful enemies is called the ''witchdoctor'' and his abilities are to heal any of the nearby units, while also he is equipped with a lot of hp and armory. To be able to upgrade to more powerful towers you must first research the ''Book of Knowledge'' Each research for several of the tower types costs a lot of money, and time is needed for research to be completed. Each tower has smaller upgrades until they change the appearance and abilities. To have the towers fully upgrade you have four major upgrades that are composed of four smaller upgrades for each type. So from start to end, a tower goes from tiny and with lower power to a godlike tower by transforming through 12 money paid power-ups. And the same tower, for example, the slow towers first only slows enemies, then at second upgrade has a triple shot slow. At the third upgrade, the enemies are frozen for a while, and in the last upgrade, they are completely frozen and take a lot of damage for a couple of seconds. As you kill enemies units they leave behind gold coins that you can take by clicking on them or by selecting from the game interface the auto-collect coins. After each level completed the new one will start if you can start the wave before the time runs out you get extra coins, to do that press the head of the skull. Also, there is a question mark on the top left side of the game interface, and if you press it you can get useful information of the next waves and the units from it. have fun with this unique and intense tower defense game online and also explore and play other similar tower defense games pc like Clash Of Vikings and Kingdom Defense. Good luck and have fun! 
Strategy Hints!
-The ''Aqa Defenders'' are good for slowing the enemies down and creating a crow, but they don't pack much of a punch. So make sure you combine them with the slash of the golems.
-The ''Rock Defenders'' towers are good for their high among of damage and splash. Although they have a slow attack they compensate for damage, so make sure you combine this tower with other slowing towers. 
-The ''Striker Defenders'' towers are a type of towers with a high rage and decent among of damage. It is recommended to place the tower at the end if some of the monsters escape with lower hp they will fast destroy them.
-From these three types of towers, each one will evolve into 4 more complex ones giving you a total of 12 powerful types of towers to defend your gems and diamonds.
-Combine ice-slow with high-splash damage to kill all the enemy units and keep your groves safely.

Release Date
The first release was in April 2010 (Flash). And in August 2020 as an (HTML5) version.

Web browser (desktop and mobile).

Keeper Of The Grove 2 was developed by Booblyc.
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  • Enjoy a unique and complex strategy and tower defense game like the famous Kingdom Rush game.
  • The game provides an amazing atmosphere of true adventure.
  • Great detailed 3D graphics with awesome levels, units, and animations.
  • The Tower system can be upgraded to 4 levels with a total of 12 smaller upgrades for each of them.
  • Kill enemies like orc, wolves, wizards, and demons to earn money.
  • Use the 6 available spells you can use as global, to damage the area on the map.
  • A nice guide interface where you can learn all bought the powers, spells, and enemy units.
  • Awesome effects and sounds.
  • You can play the game in normal, and hard mode.
  • Fun to play and addicting gameplay.

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

More Information About Keeper Of The Grove 2
Enjoy a complex tower defense game armor with awesome towers, heroes, spells, and abilities. Keeper Of The Grove 2 is free to play online on along with more awesome strategy and defense games like Cows vs Vikings: Tower Defence, and Zombie Crusade,  so make sure you play ad have fun with this TD html5 strategy game to have a blast online! 

Make sure you check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube Game-play of Keeper Of The Grove 2 for free on

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