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Nova Covered Ops

Here is the online NOVA Covered Ops game; you can play it free and unblocked on Brightestgames!
Join the action in this new game called NOVA: Covert Ops, a fast-paced, third-person shooter in a 2D environment. To stop an alien invasion of Earth, you must go to the surface of Mars. You still have numerous difficult levels ahead of you, during which you will be responsible for destroying whole infantry units and demonic beasts that are set on plunging the planet into primordial chaos all by yourself. If your life is ever in danger, you should seek shelter behind some sturdy barricades and be ready to shoot your adversaries in the chest if they attempt to kill you. Do not give up; take care to avoid making mistakes, aim to kill, and make the most of the enjoyable moments in your life while working on improving your shooting abilities.

What is the NOVA Covered Ops game About?
The brand-new and engaging video game Nova Covered Ops has the player fending off waves of attacking enemy troops as the game's objective. Your protagonist in the virtual world you are presently experiencing is outfitted in a combat suit and is armed with an assault rifle at this very moment. The barrier will provide him with protection in his position. Examine the exhibit with your whole attention. There is always the possibility that an opponent may show up. Requiring quick responses from the user is both the act of putting him in the sights' crosshairs and shooting at him. The fastest way to rack points in Nova Covered Ops is to take down your opponents precisely. Always remember to reload your weapon anytime you have a moment to stop and catch your breath. Your restraint in terms of both time and life will prove to be important later on.

How To Play To Win In NOVA Covered Ops?
You will begin the game with access to an assault weapon with an infinite number of rounds to use for the first several missions. During combat, if you find yourself injured, you should take shelter until your health recovers. If you successfully defeat some adversaries, they may leave behind useful power-ups when they die. These power-ups might provide temporary invulnerability, a greater rate of fire, or even a full weapon upgrade. Using your telekinetic talents, you may either collect supplies or throw grenades into a group of foes. It is in your best interest to use the flamethrower whenever the adversaries are within a few meters of you since it will kill them instantly. With the addition of a potent sniper rifle to your collection of weapons, you will be able to rapidly and efficiently eliminate enemies with a single shot to the head, provided that the shot is well-placed.

Release Date     Thursday 20 October 2022
Updated On       Chicago Time: 1 November 2022 04:14
Platforms           PC, Web browser and also mobile devices.

Type                               Html5 - WebGL
HTTPS Ready             Yes
Mobile Ready              Yes
Genre                             Multiplayer, War, Battle Royale, Unblocked, ShootingActionSurvive, Boys, WebGL, G A M Eunblocked 66, unblocked 76

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The Web browser version of the Nova Covered Ops game will work smoothly in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Maxthon, Sea Monkey, Avast secure, and Avant Browser.

Content rating
Teen, Pegi 12

More Information About Nova Covered Ops
Prepare for the action in a fun FPS game in a 2d environment where you must defend earth from the aline invaders here on BrightetsGames. The Nova Covered Ops online game is developed with Html5 technology, which allows the game to work perfectly on all browser devices. If you enjoyed this shooting game, check out other alien game invaders from our website!

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