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Squid Game Glass Bridge Game

Squid Game Glass Bridge game it's now online on!
Where it's time for a new style of Squid game challenges here on our website with the Squid Game: Glass Bridge. Which will offer you the chance to take on the fifth test, where you need to cross the scaffold with treated and customary glass tiles as fast as could be expected! You will have a controlled measure of time to complete, so pick up the pace! All things considered, when the time is up, all the glass squares will quickly detonate, and you will fall into the void! Once in the region of the playing lobby, there will be no retreat, so don't attempt to get away. 
How to cross the glass bridge to survive in Squid Game Glass Bridge:
You will probably get across the scaffold to the opposite side without biting the dust, with the extension being made out of glass tiles, some of them solidified, so you can undoubtedly step on them, and they will not break, or the safety glass ones, which in a flash break and you will kick the bucket. Utilize the bolts to hop, starting with one then onto the next. You can decide to play the game at a degree of trouble from one to five. Likewise, you have one moment to cross the scaffold along these lines. On the off chance that you move excessively lazy, you will similarly pass on because all the glass tiles will detonate when the clock arrives at zero seconds. Best of luck to you; we hope everything turns out great for you and desire to see you around in this classification and numerous others.

How to play Squid Game Glass Bridge Game? 
There will be five trouble levels accessible in your preferred round, on the remainder of which it will be complicated to figure out which stage will be protected. Be courageous and pay attention to your gut feelings to settle on the ideal decision and come to the exit before the clock runs out. Show your instinct and mindfulness of having the option to recognize delicate glass and sturdy! Focus on the shading and straightforwardness of the inflow. Keep in mind and your life is in question! Best of luck!

Release Date      21.10.2021
Date added       Chicago Time: 21 October 2021 14:22

Developer                 MeyaGames
Mobile Mode            Not implemented yet!
Platform                    PC, and Web browser.
HTTPS Ready            Yes
Categories                 Running, Parkour, Multiplayer, Scary, 1 player, WebGL.

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Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 10

More Information About Squid Game Glass Bridge Game
Join a different style of Squid game where you need to run and jump or just pass slowly over the glass bridge that can easily break under your feats and you will fall down and break your legs to die. The Squid Game Glass Bridge Game can be played for free online on, along with other cool 3D online squid games. If you embrace this game try other games from our play free online squid game category here on our website!


For a better understanding of the game, you can check the video instruction, tips, and Youtube gameplay of the Squid Game Glass Bridge Game online here on

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