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Temple Raider

Temple Raider Game it's now unblocked and free on BrightestGames!
Where in this retro action pack runner you have entered the jungle labyrinth. You have caused the guardian of the ancient temple to become enraged, and he is now pursuing you through these ruins, filled with both treasure and traps. It would help if you moved quickly in this tomb raider arcade game style. Jump over sharp spikes or slide under a falling log, but do not stop. How far can you run, and what do you consider the ideal distance for yourself? After all, each ten-meter increment may be the hero's last chance to survive! Suppose you've already experienced the excitement of playing the first part of Temple Run. In that case, you're probably itching to get your hands on the second instalment, which we're confident will be even more captivating than the first instalment.
What is Temple Raider?
Also in this tomb raider game free PC, an infamous treasure hunter by the name of Indiana has made his way inside of an old temple in the hopes of finding gold. However, there was a problem: it turned out that the guard of the temple was a massive gorilla who attacked the hero. In the next stage of the game, Temple Raider, you will assist the main character in evading the gorilla's pursuit so that he can make his way out of the temple. In the middle of the screen, right in front of you, you will see your hero sprinting as fast as he can along the road. Also in this tomb raider game boy, a gorilla will follow him around. On your character's path, hazards and traps will appear at various points. He can easily get around some of them by running around them, while others will require him to jump over them without slowing down. You will find gold coins strewn across the landscape at every turn. You will have to collect them to earn points and various kinds of bonus power-ups.
How to Play The Temple Raider games?
As you push your way along the cliffs and the archaic temple walls, you will have the opportunity to play games and test your reflexes. You can collect additional coins by sliding through the long mazes of the water park, running through the forest, and riding your cart through me, all while collecting them along the way. Try to reach as elevated of a score as potential by running, jumping, and sliding around obstacles while collecting coins to spend on upgrades and unlocking new playable characters. When you have collected a certain number of coins, you will gain the ability to use super invulnerability and run at high speed. This ability will be activated for you. Additionally, while you are running, you have the opportunity to acquire bonuses such as "invulnerable running," "magnet," and "invulnerability." Each bonus only remains active for a predetermined amount of time, but it can extend its duration by making purchases in the store's upgrade section.
Main Game Features:
-Several different characters
-Upgrades of a powerful nature
-Dangerous snares
-Endless adventure
-Beautiful environment
-Visualizations in three dimensions
-Rapid-fire gameplay Unlockable cosmetic options
-Simple in both instruction and gameplay 
Game Instruction in Temple Raider!
Run as far as you can. Acquire various items such as coins, idols, and treasures. Unlock new characters, power-ups, and upgrades for existing characters. Try to get the most elevated score imaginable while avoiding the various challenges.

Release Date          Tuesday, May 31 2022
Updated On           2 June 2022 03:54

Type                        Html5
Sub Type                 Javascript  
Platform                  PC,  Web browser and mobile devices.
Mobile ready          Yes
HTTP Ready            Yes
Gender                     Running, Abilities, Parkour, Survive, ArcadeAbility, Run,  Html5, Unblocked, 1 Player, GAMES.

Content rating
Everyone, Pegi 3

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Are you prepared to join a classic tomb raider game like ''Temple Raider'' where you can have a fun online game that will take you to a mysterious island and jungle here on The Temple Raider games it's developed with html5 technology that permits the game to work flawlessly on all browsers and mobile devices. If you enjoy this awesome templar runner game try other similar relic running games on our website! Good luck!


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