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    Player 1 Move/jump/balance/change Weapons/reload/interact/super Weapon
    Player 1 Move/jump/balance/change Weapons/reload/interact/super Weapon

Zombie In Space

Play Online Free Now Zombie In Space Game, Also Unblocked Only On BrightestGames!
It has been a while since we had a good Among Us game added to our website. So today we are glad to provide you with the so-called ''Zombie In Space'' game. Where you must fly to the Hyperion space station, where there has been an unexpected breakout of a zombie virus, to play the survival game Space Zombies, which has a frenetic pace and plenty of exciting action. You have been tasked with searching the meandering passageways of a massive research centre, which goes by the codename 42, for a specific strange artefact in exchange for one million credits. Can you determine what caused the awful outbreak and how the sickness spread so rapidly across the population?

How To Play Zombie In Space Online Free?
Before beginning the game, you can choose one of two methods to finish the missions: by yourself or in conjunction with a companion. Your selection will be available for six different characters, each of whom has a distinct arsenal of weapons and a set of skills that make it simpler to fight with the hordes of infected. You may improve your damage and income for the rest of the level by activating additional bonuses, which will be active for the length of the level. Conduct a thorough search of each area for ammunition, first aid kits, weapon crates, and other helpful items. There may be instances when you come across survivors who need to be transported to the evacuation zone. Maintain a safe distance from your opponents to protect yourself from being hurt. Exploding gas cylinders is an efficient way to dispose of numerous ravenous mutants in a hurry. Increase your overall performance by collecting the gold coins that defeated adversaries drop.

What Is The Story In Zombie In Space?
The events of Space Zombie Shooter will start in a remote part of space, where only your spacecraft can be seen drifting among the many stars. You will take on the role of a skilled mercenary leading a group of underlings on an expedition to discover all there is to know about the cosmos. You had the impression that everything would go smoothly and peacefully, but then you got a critical message about having to undertake a dangerous assignment. A new endeavour that you have never attempted before and one that will provide you with a significant obstacle. The astronauts working aboard the Hyperion space station were infected with an unknown virus that somehow managed to sneak inside. In addition, they are conspiring to invade the whole location and launch an assault on the people who managed to escape. After hearing that the incentive for completing the mission is one million credits, our protagonist, who first looks to be somewhat apprehensive, instantly initiates the super-fast speed for the spaceship so that it may go to the space station Hyperion as soon as possible. From this point on, you will embark on a new adventure, and it will be up to you to assist him in fending off the zombies.

Join The Thrilling Action Packed War In Zombie In Space!
You will have the opportunity to pick your character's personality traits and appearance. Still, if you are beginning the game, you will only be allowed to choose one of the currently playable characters. The fact that you can pick between a single-player and a two-player mode is an exciting development, so what are you waiting for if you still need to compete against your friends? You get to choose every aspect of your character, including their weaponry, which may be anything from a rifle to a knife. Inside, the space station is enormous and has been segmented into a wide variety of different regions so that you may navigate your character freely while searching for zombies. It is in your best interest to exercise extreme caution since the area is rather dark and disorganized, and zombies might attack you at any moment. That doesn't even matter since they might suddenly make a sharp turn and get very near you at any point, so you need to constantly be sure to retain your distance to eliminate enemies as effectively as possible. It is also fortunate that you will not be the only one to combat them; instead, you will have numerous other teammates who are always ready to follow and help you whenever and wherever you go.

How To Upgrade Your Weapons To Survive In Zombie In Space?
In any action game, having access to various weaponry is necessary since they speed up the process of eliminating foes. On the other hand, if one were to own a weapon of daunting strength and compare it to a kind that does not have too many of those that are relatively weak, everyone would select the more powerful option. However, to get it, you will first need to improve your weapons so that they are both more durable and, when used to shoot zombies, more devastating to their health. You will gain gold coins as a reward for successfully finishing each level and spend those monies to improve your weaponry as you go through the game. The weapon you are using will start at the lowest level possible, level 1, but as you level it up via upgrades, it will eventually reach higher levels. Your chances of victory will increase with your level since the more levels you have, the more effective the weapon will be.

Controls in Zombie In Space:
Use the mouse to navigate through the game interface. The game is available to be played by 1 player and 2 players. And below you can find the game controls for each mode:

Player 1:
WASD- movement
Left Click - fire
Q - change weapons
E - to interact
F - super weapon

Player 2:
Arrow Keys - movement
Ctrl - fire
K - change weapons
M - to interact
J - super weapon

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